A Zoom meeting that brought together potential COST action participants from 10 countries was held on Thursday, December 2, 2021.

  1. Opening word

The meeting started with opening remarks from professor Zoran Keković, President of CRACM.

  1. Presentation about COST action

Professor Milan Lipovac held a short presentation about COST action (COST countries, representatives, network, research coordination and capacity building activities, COST action structure and main potential from participating in COST action).

  1. Presentation about EU CONSORTIUM

CRACM project manager Nevena Stanković presented the Center for Risk Analysis and Crisis Management (CRACM) activities in the last two years (Think tank COVID 19, conferences, publications, courses, seminars, webinars and workshops, and regional students network for strategic risk and crisis management). Then, Nevena briefly presented general idea for COST action proposal – European collaborative network for societal resilience – transdisciplinary, innovative and unique mission (EU CONSORTIUM). She talked about EU CONSORTIUM main goals, capacity building objectives and research coordination objectives.

  1. Discussion

Participants agreed about the great potential of project initiative and opportunities for establishing collaborative capacities by bringing people together through this COST action proposal.

  1. Next steps and upcoming events

It was agreed about sharing slides, link with the video of the meeting, as well as link with more information about COST action, so that participant could better understand this mechanism for collaborative framework and to express their ideas.

It is expected that next meeting (probably in the late January 2022) will be more interactive after sharing these materials.

Participants are invited to contact their colleagues with related knowledge and experience to be included at the potential list of participant until the next meeting


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